About Us

THG Geophysics is a full-service geophysical consulting firm offering an extensive array of surface and borehole applications. We provide our engineering clients with a full range of remote sensing services that include measuring material parameters for design and planning purposes, utility detection, and landfill liner integrity testing services. We provide our environmental clients with remote sensing data for the identification of contaminant source areas, delineation of fractures acting as contaminant pathways, and help with identifying potential contaminant receptors. All of these services provide our clients with data that helps them focus their investigations or improve the accuracy of their design specifications.

THG personnel travel across North America performing geophysical surveys for a variety of clients. We maintain offices in Pennsylvania and Ontario to provide efficient and friendly service. THG has also conducted geophysical services throughout the world. Contact us today to learn how we can help your engineers and scientists cost effectively focus their projects.