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GF Instruments NEW LG-1 Galileo Land Gravity Meter

GF Instruments LG-1 Galileo Gravity Meter                GF Instruments LG-1 Galileo Gravity Meter Control Unit

GF Instruments has just released its newest product, the LG-1 Galileo Land Gravity Meter.  This sleek new instrument is ready to match the needs of up-to-date field gravity surveys! This gravimeter has shock resistance supported by a lightweight sensor based on a temperature balanced quartz core.  Stable measuring features are completed with advanced signal processing technology.  The control unit is completely detachable allowing users to adjust leveling and observe data quality during a measurement.  Compared to other instruments like it, the LG-1 Galileo is priced reasonably making it a more cost effective investment for potential buyers. Contact us at 724-325-3996 or via email at for purchase or demo information and visit GF’s website ( for technical specifications!

Some of the LG-1 Galileo’s primary features are:

  • Lightweight rugged detector with full quartz core
  • Worldwide measuring range
  • Repeatability better than 5 µGal
  • Precise drift and temperature compensation
  • Quick leveling system
  • Wide range of ambient operation conditions
  • Hot-swappable Lithium ion cells (30 hours at 25°C)
  • Detachable Control Unit with color graphic display
  • Easy control system
  • 8 GB data memory
  • Bluetooth capabilities, built in GPS receiver
  • USB data download to flash or PC


GF Instrument's LG-1 Gravity Meter Example Data

GF Instruments LG-1 Gravity Meter Full Set