3D utility map generated by Road Ground Penetrating Radar GPR

Impulse Radar’s Raptor® – High-Speed 3D GPR

THG is proud to present the newest addition to our growing inventory of geophysical tools with Impulse Radar's Raptor high-speed, 3D-GPR Array.  The system houses 18 antenna components that allow for simultaneous acquisition of 18 data channels with approximately 1.5-inch line spacing between them.  The system utilizes real-time sampling of the data that allows for roadway speed data acquisition and increased stacking that results in a cleaner data signal at depth, thus increasing the depth of interpretable response.  Surveys can be completed safer, during normal working hours, and often without traffic control.

The staggered antenna pattern ensures no loss of information while eliminating interpolation artifacts within a swath of acquired data.  The resulting data provide a true 3-D visualization with almost photo-like quality.  Therefore, data are easier and faster to interpret.  Interpretations export directly to CAD and KMZ files.  This system allows for faster, more efficient, and safer mapping with better quality, more useful results.

Van towing Impulse Radar's Raptor® High-Speed 3D GPR
Demo Data from Impulse Radar's Raptor® High-Speed 3D GPR System