After completing his doctorate at the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Peter Hutchinson started The Hutchinson Group in 1992. The Hutchinson Group began as an environmental services company focusing on monitoring municipal waste facilities and mapping groundwater systems. Shortly after the inception of the company, Dr. Hutchinson started to incorporate the use of geophysics to help solve environmental geology problems by drawing on his vast experience in oil and gas exploration.

Nearly 30 years later, Peter has worked to grow the Hutchinson Group into THG Geophysics, a full scale, near surface geophysical mapping company. With his leadership and guidance, THG continues to develop methods for improved data collection and interpretation, while maintaining a full suite of state-of-the-art geophysical instruments.

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Dr. Peter Hutchinson founded THG Geophysics in 1992. Peter has over 25 years of experience working in the environmental, engineering, and exploration sectors.
Peter J. Hutchinson, PhD, PG
President, Principal Scientist
Kate McKinley is Vice President of Operations at THG Geophysics, Ltd. and serves as coordinator and technical lead of geophysical services.
Kate McKinley, PG, PGp
Senior Geophysicist, Vice President

Alex Balog serves as an environmental scientist and lead geophysicist at THG.
Alex Balog
Lead Environmental Scientist, Geophysicist

Matt serves as a lead geophysicist at THG.
Matt Toland, PG
Lead Geophysicist

Aaron serves as a geophysicist at THG.
Aaron Brownley, PG

Derek Hussak serves as a geologist at THG Geophysics
Derek Hussak, GIT

Simon Eydlin serves as the Field Manager of environmental operations at THG Geophysics
Simon Eydlin
Field Lead Environmental Scientist

Megan Haney serves as a geologist at THG Geophysics
Megan Haney
Staff Geologist, Field Environmental Scientist

Zach Marazza
Staff Geologist

Mike Solomon
Geophysical Technician