THG Geophysics ImpulseRadar Crossover CO1760 Duel Frequency GPR

THG’s New Dual-Frequency GPR – ImpulseRadar CrossOver CO1760

THG is excited to announce the addition of a versatile GPR system from ImpulseRadar to our toolbox. The CrossOver CO1760 is a true dual-frequency system that houses 170- and 600-MHz antennas capable of simultaneously collecting data along the same profile. The dual-frequency system allows the user to acquire high resolution shallow GPR data without compromising the loss of deep data. This advantage adds value for numerous applications including utility location, UST delineation, environmental, geologic/geotechnical and engineering projects.

The system can be deployed in cart- and sled-mounted configurations allowing for data collection in variable environments. The GPR data can easily be viewed in real-time and/or collected and post-processed using ImpulseRadar’s CrossPoint GPR visualization software.

ImpulseRadar Crossover GPR with Dual Frequency Antennas