THG employee performing a geophysical survey before wind turbine construction

A Green Future – Geophysics and Renewable Energy

We, at THG, have had the pleasure of curtailing the needs of the growing renewable energy industry, primarily through the wind and solar sector.

Our Commitment

As renewable energy demand increases, THG is committed to continue research and development – to incorporate best practices of geophysical applications for the projects of our industrial partners.

Our personnel are equipped with the right knowledge and expertise to provide services during various stages of project construction, in any field conditions, with continuously exceeding safety standards and within stipulated time.

Our Services

THG provides geological and geophysical consulting services to major developers, engineers, and construction companies through;

  • Geological Studies
  • Site Characterization
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Non-destructive Testing
  • Utility Mapping

Our Accomplishments

THG has tested thousands of turbine locations and hundreds of acres of solar farm sites.  This year-to-date, THG has been contracted on six wind farm projects and eight solar farm projects.

We Innovate and Lead

Through our experience, we have designed cost efficient techniques and methodologies specifically designed to meet the standards of wind farm industry.

Besides that, THG has experienced a steady increase in demand for geophysical services for solar projects.

Our primary service applications include:

  • Void detection and delineation for turbine and substation sites
  • Soil/ thermal resistivity testing for collector lines and grounding grids
  • Crane path and rig road hazard assessments
  • Bedrock mapping/characterization for foundation design