THG employee locating an underground utility

THG Geophysics One-Call Service

The “811” system, commonly known as “Call-before-you-dig” or “One-Call”, was established in the United States as part of the Pipeline Safety Improvement Act of 2002.  The program requires public and private entities to contact their states one-call provider prior to conducting any excavation of any size or depth so that utility owners can be notified and mark any existing subsurface utility infrastructure in the proposed work zone.

As utility infrastructure continues to expand the demand for competent utility locators has increased.  Many utility owner employ their own in-house utility locators to mark their lines, but when that is not viable, companies turn to third-party utility locators to answer their one-call requests.  Considering our advanced utility locating capabilities and highly-trained personnel, THG saw an opportunity to develop a one-call management and response system and offered the services to local utility owners.

There are several challenges associated with providing third-party, one-call services.  The process involves sorting large volumes of ticket inquiries, understanding unique utility owner infrastructure layout and design, rapidly deploying field crews, accurately and precisely marking utilities, and generating field reports.  THG designed an efficient ticket management system, met with owner clients to learn about their infrastructure, developed rapid-response field methodologies while maintaining locate integrity, and worked with each client to determine what reporting style most effectively met their needs.  In addition to the one-call system, we also provide the same rapid and efficient service to private companies who require frequent locates for in-house projects on their own project sites.

Though the process was challenging and even a bit tedious to develop, our team designed a system that successfully supports several owners in the Pittsburgh region.  THG has maintained good ratings within the PA One Call system.  THG is often the first one-call responders to an excavation site and, in some cases, have been able to provide same-day emergency one-call field response services whenever requested.

We are excited to expand our one-call services to new owner clients in the Pittsburgh region.  Contact us today with any questions or to see how we may be able to serve your one-call needs!